Legacy of Fire

March 8th: Session 6

Upon Kardswann’s defeat, the gnolls under his command panic – their flight from Kelmarane is swift. The pacts and protections of the gnoll occupation sundered, the bugbears and other undesirables flee from the battle market; only those that the PCs had friendly contact with remain. The battle market clear, Almah and her caravan are free to move into Kelmarane. Once they receive word that Kardswann and the Kulldis gnolls have been defeated, they travel from the old monastery to the battle market and begin to evaluate it for eventual habitation. Having perused the situation, Almah give the party an interdiction key and urges them to pursue the evil into the ruined crypts as quickly as possible to prevent the creature from regrouping.

Items Gained From Karswann and following the final battle:
- Masterwork Breastplate
- +1 lawful outsider bane Large Greataxe
- 2 cure moderate wounds potions
- 4 garnets (400 gp each)
- 3,459 gp


KeithWadson KeithWadson

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